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License Look-up Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

License Look-up Information

What information is available in the license lookup?
License number, full name, city and state, license status, first issue and expiration dates, method of origin (when available), and license type with specific authority(s) or class where applicable.
Who may use this service?
If you are reading this question and answer (via the Internet), you have access to this service. We are providing only information that is held in the “public domain.”
May I do multiple lookups?
Yes, you may do as many lookups as you would like, but you must return to this screen and “Clear Form” each time, in order to lookup the next name.
How do I use this service?
You need enter only a person’s last name in the appropriate box to access all persons holding a license in the profession you are searching, with that last name. Obviously, if you have the full name or better yet, the license number, your search results will be more precise.

Reliability and Security

How accurate is the information I find?
The information you receive is accurate to the second of your search, since it is extracted from the database of record for all licenses issued by the DCRA.
Can I contact someone on the search results?
Not from the information we provide. The right to privacy of individuals listed is maintained.


I cannot access the information I need. What should I do?
If the system is malfunctioning, please call customer service at 888-204-6206. If the information you receive matches that listed in the answer to the first question above, but you want additional information, you must call the DCRA Board in question. Only the Board decides whether or not to release additional licensee information, on a case-by-case basis.
For general questions about licensing procedures, whom do I call?
You may call customer service for procedural questions concerning licensure as well as to register comments about this service.

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