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Colorado Cosmetology

Publication Title Stock#
Candidate Handbook (pdf) 200600
Content Outlines (pdf) 200603
Felony Conviction Information (pdf) 200604
Equipment Supplies List (pdf) 200605
Practical Skill List (pdf) 200610
Court/Parole Officer Monitoring Information (pdf) 200631
Addiction Status Information (pdf) 200632
Work History Information (pdf) 200633
ADA Form (pdf) 200652
Barber Record of Completion (pdf) 200658
Cosmetology Record of Completion (pdf) 200659
Esthetician Record of Completion (pdf) 200660
Hairstylist Record of Completion (pdf) 200661
Manicurist Record of Completion (pdf) 200662
Criminal Disclosure Letter (pdf) 200663
Affidavit of Eligibility (pdf) 200698

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