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District of Columbia Electricians

Publication Title Stock#
Bond Form (pdf) 660995
Certificate of Moral Character (pdf) 660988
Contractor Name Certification (pdf) 670998
Local Representative Affidavit (pdf) 660989
Municipal Regulations Chapter 2 (pdf) 660991
New License Application (pdf) 660993
New License Instructions (pdf) 660992
Verification Licensure (pdf) 660950
Contractor/Designated Master Form (pdf) 660994
Verification of School Enrollment (pdf) 670999
Exam Scheduling Form (pdf) 670997
Examination References (pdf) 650999
Letter of Certification (pdf) 690950
Formal Designation Certificate (pdf) 660990
National Certifying Organizations (pdf) 660951
Regulatory Complaint Form (pdf) 680974

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