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Georgia Insurance

Publication Title Stock#
Candidate Handbook (pdf) 121100
Content Outlines (pdf) 121102
Exam Information - UPDATE (pdf) 121103
Licensing - UPDATES (pdf) 121104
Instructions for Online Status Letter (pdf) 121109
Agent License Renewal Form (pdf) 121111
Agency Licensing Application (pdf) 601102
Agency Licensing Supplement (pdf) 601103
Agency License Renewal Form (pdf) 601113
Surplus Lines Bond (pdf) 601111
Licensee Apology Letter (pdf) 601112
Resident & Non Resident License Renewal Requirements + UPDATES (pdf) 121106
Uniform Application for Business Entity Insurance License/Registration (pdf) 121110
CE Frequently Asked Questions (pdf) 601123
CE Reduction Exemption (pdf) 601105
Company Names & Numbers (pdf) 601122
Insurance Counselor's Bond (pdf) 601120
Public Adjuster's Bond (pdf) 601119
Request for Clearance Letter (pdf) 601107
Request for Name & Address Change (pdf) 601108
Request for New & Term / Cert. of Auth. Form (pdf) 601101
Request for New & Term Subagent Cert. of Auth. (pdf) 601109
Request for Status Letter (pdf) 601106
Resident Insurance License Application (pdf) 601117

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