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District of Columbia Real Estate

Publication Title Stock#
CE and Prelicensing Education Application (pdf) 680975
Approved Prelicensing Schools (pdf) 680973
Regulatory Complaint Form (pdf) 680974
Handbook (pdf) 090900
Waiver Application (pdf) 660943
The Commentator (pdf) 680971
New Broker Company License Instructions (pdf) 660903
Dual License Application (pdf) 660905
Licensing and Renewal Information (pdf) 090902
CE Requirements by Cycle (pdf) 090914
Licensing FAQs (pdf) 090912
Escrow Account Information (pdf) 090908
Provider FAQs (pdf) 090913
Regulations (pdf) 660909
School Certificate (pdf) 090911
Step-by-Step Licensing Procedures (pdf) 090901
Property Managers Study Guide (pdf) 680931
Sponsoring Broker Change/Transfer Request (pdf) 660906
Mass License Renewal FAQs (pdf) 660946

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